Intensive I E L T S + P T E Preparation Review Classes

Area/Neighbourhood: Worldwide, Online

Specialization in IELTS + PTE Content & Test Strategies

ELTS Counsellor, prepares for IELTS, PTE, OET, SAT, TOEFL, GMAT & STEP exams. We simplify strategies, facilitate quick review, simulate the exam, and prepare for key competencies of the examination. Beginning with specially developed fluency test, the teacher would assess your existing skills as well as your difficulties in English, and accordingly, you would be provided essential guidance, tips, and strategies including learning resources. This is the most popular online tutorial among 8-band seekers.


✍️ Course Outline:

This comprehensive course will prepare you for the IELTS + PTE Tests in 45 days (30+ hours), and will comprise the following:

§  Explaining the test formats.

§  Describing the skills required.

§  Explaining the types of test questions.

§  Guided practice of most crucial test papers.

§  Discrete approach to answer specific question types.

§  Demonstrating discourse markers, and high-scoring traits.

§  Understanding the mechanism of performance evaluation by examiners.

§  Post-assessment personalized recommendations by the senior IELTS Counsellor.

§  Time-saving short notes for busy test takers to keep preparation concise and focused.

§  This course includes all the four tests: READING, WRITING, LISTENING, and SPEAKING.

§  Within the same fee, you will become prepared for TWO most  important tests : IELTS  and PTE.


✍️ Concession-based Fees :

June 22 to June 30:  Course Fee: SAR 937, including all test resources.

July 01 to July 05:  Course Fee: SAR 1406,  including all test resources.

July 06 to July 15: Course Fee SAR 1874,  including all test resources.


✍️ Who Can Join? Test-takers from all over the world

✍️ Schedule: TBD by the applicants: Morning / Afternoon / Late Evening / Weekends

✍️ Mode: IELTS Counsellor’s Dynamic Virtual Blackboard with Zoom + E-Library.


✍️ Location & Mode: Global – Online, face-to-face with teachers (unlike recordings)


✍️Contact your regional teacher : +966539444797 

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