Siporex Lightweight Cellular Concrete Insulated Blocks Panel

Area/Neighbourhood: 2nd Industrial Area, Riyadh

> 1/5th of traditional concrete weight (550 kg / cubic meter) 
> Fire-resistance (8 hours) 
> No requirements of columns, beams or plastering (paste only) 
> 10 times better thermal insulation than traditional concrete. 
> Environmentally friendly, saves 70% of power consumption. 
> Vertical and horizontal expandability for existing building. 

We are pleased to brief your Excellency about our company LCC-Siporex, specialized in production of cellular concrete (roof slabs, wall panels, lintels and blocks).

LCC-Siporex is 100% Saudi company, established in 1978 for production of a distinguished building system whereas it has been widely used in housing and commercial complexes, in addition to plenty of government buildings within the Kingdom and the Gulf Region.

Siporex construction system is ideal for horizontal or vertical expansions of existing buildings due to its unique features of: Durability, Lightweight, Simple and Fast Erection.

Please find below a brief abstract about the characteristics of Siporex products which placed the material as a favorable option for construction world-wide.

1 - High Thermal Insulation :
Siporex is four to five times better in thermal insulation than the red clay bricks and ten times better than the traditional cement concrete which will effectively reduce the power consumption and maintain an easy atmosphere inside the building, and this will be instrumental in fulfillment of the Vision 2030 by increasing the efficiency of power consumption since 80% of electrical power is consumed in residential units all throughout the Kingdom.

2 - Lightweight :
The density of Siporex material is 550 kg/m3 compare to 2,300 kg/m3 of the traditional concrete which results in considerable reduction of reinforcement steel and other materials used in the building system. It also helps to reduce the primary raw material during production and manufacturing.

3 - Fire Resistance :
The Siporex material is non-organic and hence is non-combustible and does not emit any harmful gases when exposed to fire. Test on Siporex (20 cm) proves endurance for 8 hours as per ASTM. It is a very significant property to ensure the safety of buildings inhabitants.

4 - Structural Strength :
Siporex is a cellular concrete material, the reinforced wall panels and roof slabs are forming an integrated construction system to withstand imposed load on the structure.
The reinforced panels are designed according to the requirement of the structure and the imposed load. Siporex system can go up to six floors without steel/concrete beams and columns. Siporex material is resistant to extreme weather factors and posses distinctive sustainability. Thousands of buildings have been constructed by Siporex system for residential complexes, schools and colleges, hospitals, hotels, and administrative buildings.

5 - Sound Insulation :
Sound transmission is coefficient to the international standards required to ensure calm inside the building and isolate the external noise. Siporex wall of 20cm thickness isolates sound by 48 decibels.

6 - Earthquake Resistance :
The lightweight characteristics of Siporex material and the horizontal and vertical construction system integration reduce the seismic stresses. The past 70 years has physically proved that Siporex resists earthquakes in different parts of the world like what happened in Japan earthquake in January 1995 in the city of Kobe measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale whereas Siporex buildings withstands better than other buildings, as well as what happened in Tabuk years back where the earthquake hit the region but no cracks or damages to Siporex buildings.

7 - Low Cost :
Transportation of Siporex system is cost effective compared to the transportation of traditional material. Also, Siporex provides considerable savings in volume of foundations of the reinforced material as well as the required number of manpower at site.
Siporex cuts out the general cost due to less need of plastering, no heavy equipments for erection, no waste of products, and cleaner working site, thereby benefiting the client.

8 - Fast Erection :
Siporex features fast manufacturing, simple and easy supply and erection which cannot be overtaken by any other building system.

9 - Long Life :
The Siporex material lasts much more than the traditional concrete as the reinforcement inside the material is created with anticorrosion material and manufacturing process is carried out at very high scientific and accurate professional quality. All these unique features outmatching the traditional concrete lead to tangible benefits to the consultants, owners, and end users. Hence, Siporex material is widely approved in government agencies, private sector, and consultancy offices in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.

Finally, we would like to point out that Siporex has been used in many important projects including expansion of Makkah Haram, the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu projects (more than 5,000 housing units), ARAMCO projects (housing complexes), Ministry of Industry & Electricity (power plants), YANPET Company (500 villas), Strategic Storages Projects for Ministry of Defense, in addition to schools, colleges and universities, housing and commercial complexes for private sectors in the Kingdom and Gulf Region.

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