fun Gymnastics activity for Preschool Children

Fun Gymnastics activity for Preschool Children

Dear Parents ,

With this special motor skill & perceptual education program children will develop overall fitness through gymnastics and other challenging activities while having fun. Every class concentrates on basic balance, coordination and challenging skills for your child to accomplish each time. Each class is developed for your child to complete a curriculum of tasks and skill progressions:

Advancing physical strength, flexibility and coordination through gymnastics and other physical training .

Improving each child's gymnastics skill proficiency. Improving confidence and expressive skills in social settings .Active group participation.

Interested parents please contact the coach .

   Thank you .

Head Coach Jamel Chaabani

Former International Gymnast,Former Head coach of the Saudi and Tunisan Olympic TeamsFormer Head Coach of the British ,American and Multinatioal Schools and Usera ,Jekor ,OPM SANG ,US,British and German Embassies ,.Founder of the gymnastics Activities program in most of Riyadh Compounds 

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