Investment immigration opportunity in the European Union

Lithuania is a continuously growing country with many opportunities; therefore it is a reliable way to immigrate to the European Union by getting a residence permit in Lithuania on the basis of purchasing a running business in Lithuania (or its shares).


We will be happy to assist you with the complete process of immigration to Lithuania by means of investment into a business of your choice.


We offer various types of running businesses with various authorised capital: licensed transport, certified construction, retail and other companies as well as restaurants (with no debt or other obligations) as an investment opportunity as well as a possibility to obtain a Residence Permit in Europe as these businesses meet all the requirements specified by the Migration Department.


EUROMIG consultants will provide you a initial consultation and assistance with all the migration services, preparation of required documents, as well as accounting and other business services.


Currently we have a 100% success rate for our clients successfully obtaining Residence permits after investing in a Lithuanian business.


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