Apollo Personality Profile Basic Competency Online Course


The Apollo Profile is a fantastic personality assessment tool which compares your candidates with those rated as excellent performers in various job roles. Being a psychometric tool and, an HR-decision-making tool, it is imperative that Apollo is used only by those who understand it. 

To use the Apollo Profile independently, clients need to be fully accredited. However, the time required to train for full accreditation can be too much for some clients. For such clients, the Apollo Profile Basic Competency Course enables them to use Apollo within our bureau service and to be able to understand how to use the pre-interpreted Apollo reports. 

Training at this level takes less than 2 hours, so clients are able to use Apollo almost immediately, subject to passing the end of course quiz.

More information here: https://psychometricassessment.com/apollo-personality-profile-basic-competency-online-psychometric-course/



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