Behaviour-based Interviewing Live Online Workshop: 1-3 Nov

Area/Neighbourhood: Central

As interviews are essential in employee selection, many are not properly trained for reliability and consistency where they tend to utilize non-structured interviews. This one or two day competency-based interview course provides busy recruitment agency staff, human resource managers/professionals, selection panels and line management with effective tools for increasing the objectivity and standardization of interviews. This is commonly known as the behavior based interview and competency based interview.

Ths behavior based interview course focuses on on experiential learning. Participants will be engaged in small groups of online training behavioural interview. As this behavioural based interview course progresses, new knowledge components will be added little by little in groups and immediate feedback will be offered by the psychologist facilitator. The course culminates at the end of the day in preparing and conducting a final professional-quality based behavior-based interview.

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