Bps Level 1 & 2 Online Psychometric Test User Course Express

Price: 4,088 SGD/Year
Area/Neighbourhood: Central

Our Express Online Supported Mode training for BPS Level 1 & 2 offers the same syllabus as our regular face-to-face and online training, with the benefit of covering all training over 6 days. Students attend professionally recorded presentations (no noisy children or dogs in the background!) at the time set in the timetable available in our event app - with a direct link to the video. Dr Tyler will be available for the entire duration of every training day. Students can ask questions in the app as the presentations progress and these questions will be added by our psychologist for discussion at the multiple Live Webinars scheduled throughout each day.

We will cover the entire BPS course content in 6 days with the psychologist available during the entire session of the training to address any questions or concerns that they might have during their progression with the course. There will also be multiple Live webinar sessions scheduled throughout the day wherein the facilitator will be available for discussion as well as break-out rooms for practice and assessment of the lessons and skills learned. There are also virtual tables available 24/7 for students to basically link up and discuss concepts, practice or even just to socialise.

Please go here for more information and details on how to register: https://courses.psychometricassessment.com/bps-psychometrics-express

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