Identity® Personality Assessment User Course

Personality Assessments such as Identity® are useful tools in the HR decision-making process, but can only be useful if used responsibly, ethically and knowledgeably. This means that all users of this assessment should undergo training. That said, HR and related professionals are busy people and find it difficult to attend competency training courses. With this in mind, we produced this Online Training for Identity®.

This online training course for Identity enables successful students to competently and ethically use the Identity Self Perception Questionnaire in Human Resources decision-making. By the end of the course, students will understand how to interpret Identity scores and profile charts and link respondent's scores with competencies desired in the role. They will also understand the basics of reliability and error in personality assessment and how to conduct assessment and interpretation to minimise error and enhance validity. 

The training has been designed at the most basic level to enable adoption of Identity into the organization with minimal time commitment (i.e, within a single weekend) . For those looking for more advanced training, we recommend our BPS Level 2 Personality Assessment Course.

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