Identity® Personality Assessment User Course: 4,5 8 & 9 Nov

Area/Neighbourhood: Central

This course is for those with no formal qualification in psychometric personality assessments who wish to use the Identity® Online Personality Assessment. The overall objective is to provide delegates with competence in using the Identity® Self-perception Questionnaire and its various report options in a number of workplace scenarios, such as recruitment and selection, development, coaching and team-building.

It will be conducted over four half-day sessions of 3 hours each wherein it will be based on experiential learning. From the very start, participants will be engaged in interviewing in small groups. As the course progresses, new knowledge components will be added little by little and then practiced in groups and immediate feedback offered by the psychologist facilitator. Participants are offered multiple opportunities to assess their new knowledge by way of interactive quizzes on their mobile devices. The course culminates at the end in preparing for and conducting a final professional-quality behavior-based interview.

By the end of the course, students are expected to have an understanding on how to create behavior-based interview questions from competency frameworks as well as enhance professional interviewing skills with effective communication strategies and behavioral interview techniques.

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