Price: 2,000 SGD/Hour

Psychologist-on-Call™ service enables decision-makers to delegate assessment of candidates to our registered psychologists and receive verbal and written feedback from us comparing all candidates.

Large organizations throughout the world employ their own in-house Business Psychologists. They call upon these psychologists to assist in the design and development of the recruitment and selection process, among other roles. 

 Within the selection interview, the Business Psychologist is able to bring scientific tools and principles, as well as expertise in the application of ability and personality assessment in the workplace. This expertise can be combined with cutting-edge interview techniques that provide evidence for the psychometric profile and the ability of the candidate to succeed in the role they are being considered for. Our Psychologist on Call™ service provides the same services as would typically be offered by in-house organizational psychologists to organizations who do not currently use these individuals or whose own psychologists are engaged in other tasks or where an external perspective is required.

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