Psychometric Testing System: The Psychometric Portal®

Price: 1,780 SGD/Year

The Psychometric Portal® is an innovative Online Psychometric Testing System for job analysis, recruitment, selection, development, performance assessment and culture and engagement surveying. This Online Psychometric Testing System enables remote or supervised administration of Aptitude Tests, Personality Assessment, Job Analysis, 360° Performance Appraisal and a Culture and Engagement Survey. 

The Psychometric Portal® enables multiple modes of psychometric test administration. These each come with their own pros and cons and so being able to choose the most suitable is a great selling point for the Portal!

As with all PsyAsia International products, the Psychometric Portal® is supported by Registered Business Psychologists in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Whether you are an existing user or new to psychometric assessment, you will find the relevance and quality of our online psychometric testing system hard to beat. The Psychometric Portal® is customizable – allowing you, at no additional cost, to theme the interface with your organization’s logo and color scheme, integrating The Psychometric Portal® with your own brand.

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Hong Kong: +852 2293 2688 

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