Tortoises Available( Both Babies and Sub to Adults )


We have the following Male and Female healthy tortoises babies or sub adults to adults  like Marginated Tortoises, Aldabra tortoises , Cherryhead tortoises, Galapangoes tortoises ,Redfoot tortoises, Burmese tortoises, Radiated tortoises, Hermanns Tortoises, Leopard Tortoise,Star Tortoises,Sulcata Tortoises , Star tortoises, Forstens tortoises, Elongated tortoises, Yellowfoort tortoises,Russian tortoises and Egyptian tortoises.. Bred by us. They are beautifully marked, very healthy and very active tortoises, with lots of character. Feeding very well on their natural greens supplemented.  very healthy, and friendly baby Tortoises. there are in good health condition and growing fast on fruits, vegetables and grass diet. Our Tortoises are vet checked and have all vet records up to date. Our Tortoises are well trained/home raised and very socialized. There are up to date on vaccinations and all have a clean bill of health, growing fast on fruits,vegetables and grass diet.

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