Decentralized exchange script- To start p2p crypto exchange

Price: 6,000 KRW/Hour

Decentralized Exchange Script

A decentralized exchange (DEX) script is a partially-automated cryptocurrency exchange platform script where no intermediate third-party can hold customers’ personal information, account balances, portfolio allocations, and fund positions at any stage. In other words, there are no centrally-controlled servers, thus eliminating a single point of failure. A decentralized exchange script is popular for trading any cryptocurrencies without the restrictions of centralized platforms. They allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from each other without the involvement of a middleman.

Every decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges require users to register for an account before start trading. however once they have done creating an account they can list cryptocurrencies to sell, or buy someone else's, almost immediately.

The most common Decentralized exchange typically rely on a blockchain platform. This increasing utility of blockchain is moving the world to a trustless economy, thus removing the need for a middle man to exchange goods and services. The blockchain community understands the risks involved in trading cryptocurrencies and creates a better trading experience with Decentralized Exchanges. The main idea here is that traders can remain the custody of their funds.

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