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Price: EUR 12,345
Area/Neighbourhood: Malaga To Gibraltar

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Far Infrared Heating is now here in Spain - For home, office, indoor or outdoor...
NEW to the Spanish Costas. FAR Infrared heaters are taking the Spanish market by storm.?

They provide natural efficient radiant warmth and heat for your home, business, terraces and prevent damp and mould, a common problem here in the winter.

They are cheap to run making them a cost efficient solution for any room in your home or workplace.☺️

Used as supplemental heat in some areas or as a whole heat solution FAR Infrared panel heaters and the FAR Infrastrips will do the job.☺️

They can be hung on the wall or ceiling and available in several different sizes, models and power options.☺️

They can be controlled individually or grouped. It is up to you. ☺️

Contact Far Infrared Heaters Spain for your free guide and to ask any questions that you might have. Don't forget our special offer until 30th November 2018. We're unbeatable on price, quality and service, come see why!☺️

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