Sealine C330 (new)

Area/Neighbourhood: Palma De Mallorca

Sealine C330

Boat sales Sealine C330.  While this is Sealine’s smallest motor cruiser you can see she punches above her weight.  So she delivers a stylish high performing boat for fun and pleasure.

Boat Sales Sealine C330


The C330 uses an enclosed wheelhouse alongside an external aft cockpit. The galley is positioned on on the starboard side of the saloon. This achieves a decent cooking space allowing it to be well equipped, ventilated and easily accessible.


Boat sales Sealine C330.  Up in the enclosed wheelhouse, a raised seating area allied to expansive, obstruction-free windows generates a huge view for the saloon diners. Opposite them, on the starboard side, the galley runs all the way from the patio doors to the back of the helm seat. The boat is stylistically classy in its own right.  However, Sealine has factored in some serious customisation potential as well.

Boats sales Sealine C330.  Up at the raised helm, the Skipper is blessed not just with a great view but also with a sliding door that opens onto the starboard walkway. With the galley directly behind him and an aft-facing seat across to his left, it’s also quite a sociable and inclusive place for the driver to be. And with a sliding sunroof to supplement that lateral door, it feels like a much more open space than an enclosed wheelhouse might suggest.


The open aft cockpit really makes things work. Open the patio door to port and the tilting window to starboard and a foldout cockpit bar at the aft end of the galley bridges the gap between saloon and cockpit very neatly indeed. You can perch here at a stool with a drink or recline on the peripheral L-shaped bench to port, but either way, the interaction between the inside space and the outside world is very attractive indeed.

Main Deck

Sealine has also designed a canvas extension to span the gap between the elegant overhead bars. In tandem with the sliding roof in the wheelhouse, that means you can have great control over the main deck environment. You can use the entire level as a partition-free, open-plan space or as a pair of distinct sections; and whether you’re inside or out, you can either bask in the sun or relax under shelter. It’s immensely versatile and the fact that the various doors, hatches and roof sections are all manual and mechanical rather than electrical or hydraulic means there’s less expense, less weight, less complication – and in the long run, less to go wrong.


There’s also a convertible dinette on the foredeck with some deepset bench seating for three, plus a generous sunbathing platform, all surrounded by teak-lined walkways and guarded by elevated rails.

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