Frozen beer mugs & glasses in seconds! Glassfrosters


Forget The Freezer, This Device, made in Europe, Frosts A Beer  or Wine Glass In Just 10 Seconds...When there is no time to sit and wait for a frosted glass or pint ridge. So you probably settle for a less satisfying can or bottle .   A compromise you’ll never have to make again with this countertop glass frosting device.   The device connects to a liquid CO2  tank or cylinder you’ll have to provide yourself, and using an oversized spout it fills a glass with a frosty blast that will have it chilled in less than  10 seconds. There are 9 models, with or without need of power. Low Cost or Luxury Line.   No need of special instalation.   It is dry and clean. It desinfects the glasses instantly, the ice of the drinks remains intact hence not afecting the quality of the drinks. It´s very compact, (it fits everywhere), it works with a Liquid CO2 cylinder It doesn´t need maintenance and it´s guaranteed,  patented and approved by the EU (European Comunity)  that is accepted worlwide.    We´re looking for Distributors for the hole USA!  Contact us for a free Catalog and further information..

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