Spanish < > English Interpreter & Translator in Valencia

Area/Neighbourhood: Valencia (Spain)

Expat Services.  English <> Spanish interpreter and translator in Valencia and nearby areas (Lliria, Vilamaxant, Naquera, La Pobla de Vallbona, L'Eliana, Mas Camarena, Riba-Roja, La Cañada, etc.)

  • Available to accompany or go along with you to interpret and translate English <> Spanish.
  • Doctor's appointments, paperwork, banks, taxes, etc.
  • Visa or residence permit in Spain, etc.
  • Work can be done in your absence, booking appointments online/over the phone for you, etc.
  • Help with estate agencies/tenant-owner.
  • Find reliable people and getting their quotations for odd jobs, handyman, home repairs and home refurbishing, gardening, tree surgery, etc. Also to keep an eye on your house, post box (to avoid stocked mail and avertising flyers... burglars can see if you are not at home).
  • Bilingual personal assistant in person or over the phone. I can be your Spanish mobile phone contact.
  • Translation of documents English <> Spanish.

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 Jesus Tena

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