Iso30 Tighten Fixture Hsk50 Tool Holder Locking Stand for Cn

ISO30 HSK50 Tool Holder Locking Stand Tighten Fixture 50mm Diameter
This tightening fixtures is for ISO30 and HSK-50 CNC tool holders nut tightening and loosening.  Roller-bearing flange diameter is 50mm. Holds all ISO30 tool holders and HSK50 toolholders.
ISO30 holder Locking Stand Features:
1, Tool holder tightening fixture 50mm diameter for ISO 30 and HSK50
2, Top mount cnc fixtures
3, New roller bearing design
4, Bearing grip the tool holder flange offering maximum protection to the tool taper
5, Top access for endmill screws or collet nuts
6, Easy access for retention stud assembly and removal
7, Ergonomic design, comfortable for right and left handed users
8, Fastest tool changes possible
9, Positive and robust tool clamping
10, Rapid tool insertion and removal
Tool holder locking stands for HSK63 ISO40 BT40 are optional.
Beside toolholder lock seat, RIOCNC also supplies high quality CNC tool holders, collets, nuts, wrenches, tool forks, and CNC cutter bits, etc


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