Conductivity EC Meter Nano Zone Trading Rajagiriya

Price: LKR 4,500
Area/Neighbourhood: Rajagiriya

Nano Zone Trading -634, Jana Jaya City, Rajagiriya.
Hotline: 0778620567 

Using an EC meter is the easiest way to check the conductivity in a solution. As a pioneer supplier of the industry, we have introduced a very affordable conductivity meter in Sri Lanka. It is obviously a very cost-effective method to check your solutions with less timely manner.

The basic concept of an EC meter is measuring the conductivity by the distance and surface area of the two anodes. In our digital meter, two electrolytes with high conductivity are placed as an in-built calibration. So when compared to other instruments in the market, this has more accuracy in calibration. The results go to the display with the conductivity value of the liquid sample.

Another fact about this EC meter is the ability to give the exact results despite the change of the room temperature.The automatic temperature compensation has the ability to give the most accurate results. So it is ideal for your businesses such as freshwater systems, aquaculture, hydroponics and bottled water. You can easily get the results of the samples and change the filters or change the source you get water for business.

Is that only for industrial uses? No, you can easily use and EC meter at home to check the quality of your drinking water as well. And why not for swimming pools, you can check when to change the water with no hassle. So it is a good investment for your family as well. Since your health is always a priority, you don’t have to worry about contamination of water anymore.

The price our EC meter can be very cheap, but you get a high-quality product with a 12 months’ warranty. In Sri Lanka, this could be the best conductivity tester you get for this price. So call us to buy yours today to have a more successful business with a high-quality product.


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