Business Proposition Romania

I am the administrator of a small company based in Romania who is currently activating in  the transport/logistics field of work. I am currently collaborating with Danish companies  and I am doing that for the last 5 years in the transport business.  I am seeking new  opportunities  within the business market, a long term partnership based on trust and  sincerity.
This message may be more for the Business-to-Business sector, but I am always available  for the private sector, and I will try to help you as much as I can with information that  you might need.
Maybe you are a company that wants to open a branch in Romania, or maybe you are looking  for cheaper work force from Romania, or maybe you are looking for a supplier of cheap  goods from RO, I can help you with information, I can call on your behalf and negotiate a  price or a situation that might be in your advantage.
If you might be interested how the fiscal policy or salary policy and taxes works in RO or  maybe you need advice in a legal matter in RO, I can talk in your behalf with my contacts  (accountants, lawyers) and help you out the best I can, so you could benefit the most in  every situation that might occur.
In case you need a trustworthy partner in RO or just a contact that might help you from  time to time, I can provide you this service for you and look for your best interest. I am  doing this in hope of a honest partnership that could benefit both parts.
Or maybe you only have questions or curiosities about tourism, people, habits, or maybe  you want to check a fact regarding RO,an opinion or help you with a translation, you can always send  me an e-mail and I will do my best to answer you as fast as I can. Just keep in mind that  some info I get from third persons and it might take a few days to obtain an answer.
No matter your motive for seeking info, all information that I will provide are FREE OF  CHARGE and NO STRINGS ATTACHED and you have my promise that the answer I will provide is  as precise and complete as I could obtain it for you, no matter if you want to work with  me(or through my company) or not. Any info is FREE, feel free to contact.
Of course in the happy outcome that you would want a partnership, we will meet to talk the  details and maybe dissipate the cloud of uncertainty that might plain upon me when you  read this kind of message.
For this purpose I have created a special e-mail address. Please feel free to contact me at [...].
Thank you very much for your time and hope to hearing from you soon.

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