Russian language courses!

Price: CHF 20 / Hour

Hello students! I am Native Russian Tutor who teach Russian to non-natives (american, canadian, british students) since 2007. I am a Master`s Degree Holder in Philology and Linguistik.
I offer professional russian classes only via Skype
The innovative language learning routines that I offer are intended for students at various levels (be that a beginner`s stage or profound academic studies) and are fascinating and easy to follow. Every lesson will be tailored to your personal objectives, interests and language flair.
Russian lessons include:
- Reading practice
- Proper grammar - tenses, conjugations, cases, genders
- Accurate pronunciation and accent reduction
- Vocabulary expansion/ conversation practice
- Developing oral speech.
The lessons look like usual face-to-face lessons at home. Good sounds and video quality, interactives materials,using the chat box, file transfers, sharing screens/links and giving examples,saving time-all this give better results then usual lessons.
Every russian lesson is good-prepaired and well-structured.
Trial class is free,
45 min-15 euro

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