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My name is Patrick G. James. I am a native English speaker and have operated as a Professional International Consultant for 35+ years using PIBE. During this time I have created 100’s of reports, white papers, presentations, and other classroom instruction for my employers utilizing International Business English.


My knowledge of PIBE as the World’s number one Lingua Franca is exceptional. I have operated as a Quality Assurance and Quality Control expert collaborating with 100’s of other technical writers and business experts and have lead and/or assisted them in the production of high quality written and/or oral work using PIBE.


PIBE is English that is used universally. An English teacher will teach you the basics but unfortunately most will also teach you colloquial expressions along the way. PIBE does not use colloquial expressions and is context/subject sensitive. PIBE is a very unique form of English that only an Expert in PIBE is qualified to teach.


I am available for instruction in 1-on-1 and corporate classroom formats, independent or team-based Quality Assurance reviews, and for informal group instruction. My corporate classroom instruction can be tailored to the requisite technical environment for both subject matter and context.


My instruction is not for Beginner or even most Intermediate ESL speakers/writers. You must be a good English speaker/writer/reader to properly receive my instruction. As a precursor, my first instruction session is free. This will enable both student and instructor to ascertain appropriate applicability of the instruction.


If you would like additional information please refer to our corporate URL website: https://patrickjames888.wixsite.com/patrickgjames-pibe

Please contact my office at 0982 578 882 or email me directly at [...].

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