Best season to climb kilimanjaro budget travel

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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro planning need information travel tips such as best time to go etc

Ask for spanish speaking guides and budget travel deals trekking up Kilimanjaro to summit

Kilimanjaro Travel Adventure Safaris Ltd is Local Tour Operator in Tanzania and organizes mountaineering adventure trips, safaris Tanzania, Africa wildlife safaris, culture travel and sightseeing tours. 

Tourists planning to go Africa for safaris or Kilimanjaro climbing need current update information and price costs to budget their trips. Best season to climb Kilimanjaro are July to October and December, January and February. March, June and November are also good. If not a must go vacation, avoid months of APRIL and MAY because of rain. 

Acclimatization is important issue to consider for kilimanjaro trekking preparations, how to acclimatize? Choose a Kilimanjaro route with better acclimatization such as Machame and Lemosho. 

Kilimanjaro routes, these are natural trails which lead you to summit. Each route has distict features and different attractions. It depends on climbers Mountaineering experience. So read details of each Kilimanjaro route and decide or ask for professional advice from Kilimanjaro guides in Moshi.

Hiking gears for Kilimanjaro trek are Non professional climber and Kilimanjaro climb is easier. 

How to budget trip? You can get low cost Kilimanjaro vacation trip by getting cheap flight tickets, stay in cheap Hotels in Moshi and booking trips with professional local Tour Operator.

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