Botox Thailand

Price: 10,110 THB/Hour
Area/Neighbourhood: 171 Ambassador Bangkok Hotel

Reverse the aging process. Prevent fine lines + Wrinkles with BOTOX! BOTOX® injections are an affordable treatment that anyone can access. Unlike some cosmetic medical treatments, they are suitable for virtually anyone who has wrinkles or other skin lines that they want to remove.
This includes people who want to fight the signs of natural ageing, or those who've developed lines from exposure to the sun.When you concentrate, squint or frown, the muscles in your face contract.
After years of frequent contraction combined withother environmental and lifestyle factors, lines and wrinkles will form and eventually become permanent. When the muscles inour face move, a message is sent from the brain via nerves to the muscles, instructing them to contract. Anti-wrinkle injectablesare a natural protein that works by interrupting this process, leaving those muscles unable to crease the skin. Ready to talk to one of our Beauty Experts? Contact us for a FREE consultation!

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