Center Pattaya Thai Bbq Restaurant 9 Room Guesthouse

Area/Neighbourhood: Pattaya Center Third Road Area

Center Pattaya Thai BBQ Restaurant 9 Room Guesthouse in brief: Super located on the third road, 400m to Bhua Kao - Ground floor Thai BBQ Buffet/Seafood restaurant (180 sqm) - Each table set up to cook you serves yourself BBQ - Very popular among Thais who bring foreigners - Separated industrial kitchen, Buffet set up for turnkey - Kitchen set up with a government-approved waste system - Very easy business to run as it is mostly self-serve - Has air conditioning, WIFI, seat 75 people at 1 time - All fully renovated, separate entrance for rental rooms –Prepay rent 50,000.00 THB per year - Rent 45,000.00 THB, during Covid19 down to 30k THB - Deposit 90,000.00 THB, Take over only 1,650,000.00 THB  - Inclusive key money for 2.5 years - Move in 1,650,000.00 THB + 90k THB + 30k THB = 1,770,000.00 THB. Contact us to see this business and meet the owner.

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