Block Making Machine For Producing Concrete Blocks


PRS 400 semi-automatic block machine: The machine can produce in a day at eight hours 4000 pieces of concrete blocks and 300 square meters of paving blocks. Just enough to change the mould for producing a different kind of stone products which height must be between 5 cm to 25 cm.

PRS 400 semi-automatic block machine :

∙  Production capacity for hollow blocks: 4000 pieces at eight hours
∙  Production capacity for paving blocks: 300 m2 at eight hours
∙  Production capacity for curbstones: 1.000 pieces ( 150 x 700 x 300 ) at eight hours
∙  Required area for installation: 2 500 m2 
∙  Installation and operator training course: Free
∙  Warranty period: 2 years
∙  Delivery period: 30 days ( Approximately )

Some technical details and features of the machines :

•     There is one single aggregate hopper on the machine and the machine can able to produce a different kind of products which height must be between 5 cm to 25 cm.

•    The machine requires low energy for the production process.

•    The machine is produced by high-quality standards.

•    2 years warranty period.

•    It is possible to buy the machine-like full or mini plant according to your needs.

•      For the machines, it is possible to add or remove equipment according to your demands.

•    We are using high-quality materials for the machines.

•    All our machines, technical details, price information you can check on our websites.

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