Good price paving block making machine

Area/Neighbourhood: Yanlıca Mahallesi Akoluk Belediye Karşısı (Bim Deposu Yanı) çağlayan / Trabzon / Turkey

Semi-automatic paving block making machine can able to produce in a day at eight hours 300 square meters of paving and 4.000 pieces of concrete hollow blocks  

Just changing the mould it is possible to produce a different kind of concrete products which height must be between 5 cm to 25 cm.

The paving block making machine has double aggregate hoppers. It is possible to produce paving blocks with double layers.

Capacity for concrete hollow blocks in a day at eight hours: 4.000 Pieces of concrete hollow blocks
Capacity for paving blocks in a day at eight hours: 300 m2
Capacity for curbstones in a day at eight hours: 1.000 Pieces ( 150 x 700 x 300 )
Warranty period: 2 Years
Delivery time: 30 Days ( Approximately )
Installation and operator training course: Free

Some technical details and advantages of our block machines :

• Semi-automatic and automatic block making machines can produce various other concrete products such as concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, curbstones and other kinds of products which height must be between 5 cm to 25 cm.

• The machine can able to work all day 24 hours without any brakes.

• The machines are manufacturing with high-quality standards.

• Block machines can be bought like a full-plant or mini plant according to your needs.
• We are using high-quality materials and electric units for the machines.

• You can send a technical drawing for each machine that you plan to buy, and with these drawings, you can easily prepare your own site for installing the machine.

• Details of the campaign, including pricing information, can also be checked on our sites.

Our company is located in Turkey and is called Beyazli Group manufacturer of a concrete block making machine, paving machine, curbstones, as well as the production and sale of concrete plants for concrete production. We have completed the production of paving and block-laying machines at our enterprises, which we exported to more than 30 countries in accordance with European standards, and we are closely following the development of technologies in our sector

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