Business Immigration to Europe

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Business Immigration to Europe
We are an international consulting company from Vilnius and we offer various types of business services for businesses in Lithuania, as well as we provide services on Business Immigration to Europe. 
We offer for your consideration 2 types of Immigration to Europe, based on doing business in Europe and buying shares of the company.
Depending on the amount of your investments and your interests, we will be able to find the best option for you.
Our company has a large number of different types of business for sale, and we are ready to choose the best option for you based on your interests and financial condition.
We are ready to consider the cooperation with customers with investments from 20 000 € and above. Your income from business profits depends on the amount invested. It should be noted that a large business will give you more profit than a small business.
Our fees for consultations about Residence Permit, Migration requirements or official rules as well as for preparing documents to Migration and the residence address declaration is 1500 € for a principle, 1000 € for the spouse and 800 € for children. Or, as an option, you can arrange an appointment at our office for consultation for 150 €.
For more detailed information, please, contact the EUROMIG project staff in any way convenient for you.


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"EUROMIG" project group business consultant

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