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Industries That Use Analytical Balances

The precise measurements offered by an analytical scale makes it a critical piece of equipment for any sector that relies on quantitative chemical analysis. They are available in various shapes and sizes and can display readouts in various units, making them suitable for a wide range of industry applications.

These include pharmaceutical, food, plastics and chemical manufacturing, quality assurance labs and calibration laboratories, etc. No matter what type of analytical method you use, analytical balance precision and accuracy are essential for weighing samples as well as reagents for solution preparation.

What is an Analytical Balance?
electronic analytical scale balance Analytical balances are precision measuring instruments used in quantitative chemical analysis, to determine the mass of solid objects, liquids, powders and granular substances. Today, electronic balance use the principle of magnetic force restoration, offering readability up to .0001 g.

An analytical balance (or chemical balance)
An analytical balance (or chemical balance) is a class of balance designed to measure small mass in the sub-milligram range. 
An analytical balance, also known as an analytical scale or sometimes as a semi-analytical balance, Analytical Balances · Adventurer balances feature a color touchscreen, icon-based useUses of Analytical Balances. The use of analytical balances in the laboratory is for industries that require accurate and sensitive measurements.r interface, and an ergonomic design making them easy to configure and use.


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