Truck Scale 2 Pads Wheel Weighers Axle Scale Portable

Price: 35,000,000 UGX
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Weigh-In-Motion Scale Systems
Weigh-In-Motion Scale Systems maximize efficiency by allowing rapid axle weighing of large numbers of vehicles.Accurate weighing scales LTD offers Weigh-In-Motion solutions for both permanent in-ground truck scales and mobile truck scale applications.

Low-Profile Truck Scales
Low-profile portable axle scales offer the same features as our standard portable truck scales, with a low overall height that makes it easier to drive onto the truck scale. The low profile of these axle scales mitigates the effects of deflection between axles that are not on the scales, making it easier to achieve accuracy with fewer scales.

Portable Static Truck Scales
portable static truck scales for sale that feature rugged, aluminum construction, large LCD displays, and solar battery recharging. Our portable truck scales are built to withstand heavy use on a variety of surfaces, allowing transport operators to check vehicle axle and gross weights virtually anywhere.

Truck Scale Accessories
We sell wheel and axle scale systems that can be paired with an array of wireless accessories, like indicators and displays, to control processes, record data and automate your truck weighing scale applications.


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