Private tutor - Maths A Level and GCSE - Highly qualified

Hi, I am a private tutor for A Level Maths and Physics. I also cover GCSE Maths.


I work mainly with the Edexcel curriculum, and have covered Core 1-4, Mechanics 1 &2, Statistics 1 & 2, as well as Decision Maths with previous students. Students of mine have improved their grades a number of grade boundaries, going from C to A, or in one case from failing to a B.


Growing up in the UAE, I received private tutoring myself, and have recognised its importance for university entry. After leaving the UAE, I pursued my education to the Doctorate level from a university in the Top 5 in the world. In my A-Levels, I scored over 98% in Maths.


I now tutor online almost exclusively, based in the UK, and have taught many family friends in the UAE over the last few years. I love online tutoring as it allows me to reach my students wherever they are, including on holiday in Europe!  Not to mention that the student does not need to travel across the city to meet their tutor. After a number of years working on online tutoring, I am confident that I can deliver quality lessons, and give my students the support they need to reach the grades they need.


If your son or daughter is struggling with a particular topic in their A Level, or would like to retake an entire module to bump their grade a few boundaries, please reach out to me to discuss your particular needs. We can have a free, no-obligations discussion to understand your needs and find how I can help.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Send an email to info[at]elitelondontutors[dot]com

Or call at:  +44 20 3637 6009

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