Stress Management Resilience Building Workshops

Stress Management Resilience Building Workshops

  •     Feeling stressed becomes feeling 'I can handle this'
  •     Know the GOOD stresses.
  •     The biological impact of too much stress.
  •     Building mind resilience

We run several activities throughout the day and also work through:

  • Chunking to avoid overwhelm - cognitive automations
  • Immersion 
  • Release that stress and reprogram 
  • Mind your mouth but more important; mind your mind
  • Shrug it off mentality
  • What can I learn from this - the method.
  • Book your stress management and resilience workshop to prevent sickness and burnout. 

If you'd like to break this session into smaller bite-sized pieces, this can be done also - we are flexible to your needs and want to make sure this is as stress free as possible!

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