One Solution for Complete Invoice Management | Instadispatch

Instadispatch invoice management solution allows any delivery company to create, reconcile, adjust, customize and send invoices in PDF and CSV formats to your customers with just a few clicks. What's great is you can easily add your logo to the invoice template which will project the company as a brand in itself.

You can generate invoices for your respective customers on basis of dates or business names. Also, you can generate based on the shipment status i.e collected, Delivered, etc. Whereas, the reconciliation feature is providing the response file with the actual difference between booked price and the carrier-received invoice.

Adjustments clearly state the debit and credit note issued to the customer where there is a discrepancy with the shipping rate charged to the customer. On shipment booked rate charged low to customer system issue the debit note and credit note on vice versa.

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