Camperholiday Vw Camper van Hire

Price: 79 GBP/Day/Night
Area/Neighbourhood: Cheshire

Wilma is one of our family, a family we hope to keep growing when we add Fred, then Pebbles and whole load more of the Flintstones family!

With a love of adventure, the outdoors and exploring, Wilma is a dream come true for us. We hope that we can share her with some of you intrepid explorers, tempt you into your first wanderlust holiday in Wilma. You’ll only ever look back with a smile.

We love creating the routes that you’ll find on our websites including all the recommended camp sites and things to do locally. The toughest part for us is fighting the desire to hit the road and test drive or re-drive each and every route!

We also love hearing how much you’ve enjoyed the freedom that comes with a campervan holiday. Whether you are parked up for a chilled out weekend or doing the North 500 around the Northern tip of Scotland, there is something unique and magical about the memories created on campervan tours.....they really are a bug. The things you see, the people you meet and laughter you make.

As campervanner, total strangers become friends, even as you pass in opposite directions because we all recognise the kindred spirit of someone following their dreams, heading for the horizon. Wave at every van you’s a campervanning law!

We really are doing what we love with CamperHoliday, even when we aren’t on the road. We hope you get as much of a buzz out of it as we do.

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