Bespoke Sofa London

At Adventures in Furniture, we pride ourselves on crafting beautiful handmade sofas that are fit for purpose and personalities. With over 20 years of experience, we have specialised skills in creating only the most luxurious pieces of furniture for your home that are built to stand the test of time. The beauty of our handmade sofas is not only the high-quality craftsmanship but also our commitment to using the best quality timber and materials for our sofas.

Our skilled craftsmen create each sofa with care and precision, using only the finest quality materials to ensure your bespoke sofa lasts for years to come. Most of our sofas come in a variety of sizes and shapes and a bespoke sofa means that you can customise many key elements – from fabric and colour to cushion types and leg finishes Investing in a quality piece of furniture is a lasting commitment and each sofa will feel different, bringing you the choice of softer or firmer sofas; deeper or narrower sets and much more.
You can create your very own bespoke sofa in 4 simple steps, it really is that easy. Our experienced team will work alongside you to create a sofa that compliments your personality, lifestyle and home. 

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