The Skills you need to be a door supervisor

While working as a security staff you may often find yourself in conflict situation. At such situation, probably your only thinking will be “how to avoid this conflict”. These types of situations are not rare for the people in the security industry, especially for those who are working as door supervisors or security guard. Actually, these are the situations where you can provide your worth as a security staff. Have you got enough to diffuse the situation before it spiral into chaos?

Well, if you have been ever in this kind of situation, definitely you will know that it is not brute force that works rather the skill of conflict management and the skill to communicate mostly come handy.

 With the changing time, the roles and responsibilities of a door supervisor or security guard is also changing. Before a few decades, the word “security guard” used to project a picture of ultra-masculine armed man in our mind. But now being a door supervisor is something beyond only providing physical protection. Nowadays, the employers expect their security to be a great respondent to“incidents” and manager to potential crisis situation.

How can you make your communication skills effective and carry out the responsibilities as a Door supervisor?

For the security industry, the value of effective communication skill is immense. An effective communication skill doesn’t only include ability to speak. It consists of speaking and listening. There is an old saying that a good listener only can become a great speaker. In case of a security staff this is a thing always to keep in mind. For being a good communicator you must be clear about what you want to communicate. Your communication is expected to deliver a clear message to the recipient. Your message must be factual and sensitive to keep the listener effectively in the communication without confusing or agitating them. Your accurate and to-the-point communication can greatly increase your chances to diffuse many tensed situations than you ever imagined. But as we mentioned before, only speaking doesn’t guarantee a successful communication. You need to give the chance to speak to those with whom you are communicating. For that you need to be a good listener. To be a good listener you must not interrupt the speaker in between or you should not judge the speaker. If you are a person of good communication skill, you will definitely feel how greatly it will help your duties of door supervisor positively.

How can you succeed in conflict management while working as a door supervisor?                                       

As a security staff in an establishment, your duty is not only to keep a watch rather you have to be capable of potential conflict situations. To manage a probable conflict situation you have to recognize any incident which can cause a trouble in the establishment under your watch. Once you recognize a probable conflict situation you can move forward to assess and reduce the risk of conflict. To prevent a conflict your communication skill is the first weapon in your arsenal. Through a positive and constructive communication you can avoid 9 out of 10 conflict scenarios. To be able to persuade and diffuse such situation you must recognize the array of factors that can inhibit or trigger a conflict in the particular situation.  Once you get to these key points, with you great communication skill you will be able to avoid most of the conflicts or you will be able to diffuse any ongoing conflicts by intervening. While working a door supervisor you may find yourself in different kind of conflict with the clients as you need to enforce the entry policy and other policies placed by your employer. But believe me if you maintain a behavioral standard and have a good understanding about conflict management you will definitely be able to diffuse most of the situations. These skills will definitely earn yourself credits from your employer, and it will further cement your position as a door supervisor in the security industry.

Does the SIA door supervisor course give an understanding about the importance of communication skills and conflict management?

Yes, it definitely does! Though the communication skill or the conflict management skill is not something which can be mastered by some course, The SIA Door supervisor course takes sufficient care to infuse the basic ideas and protocols about communication and conflict management to the candidates. In the whole door supervisor course, this is considered as one of the most worth-to-learn subject, which you will have to use every day (Probably!) in your career. Even if you shift to any other role in the security industry, the need of communication and conflict management skills may not be over.

Effective communication and conflict management skill develops with experience but how to apply it in the security industry? To answer this question SIA have included a great deal about it in the SIA Door supervisor course. Once you take this course, these modules will definitely help you to sharpen your skills. And by now we already know how important these skills are to prove your worth in the security industry.For more details click the link :

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