What are the Implications of a Vaccine Passport


Now that Covid19 vaccines are rolling out, people who have been home for the past year are excited to travel to see loved ones or just to get a change of scenery. Countries across the world have begun announcing “vaccine passports”.

A vaccine passport allows citizens to use proof of vaccination to travel

The European Union has said it backs a “Digital Green Certificate,” that would enable citizens who have proof that they have taken the Covid19 vaccine, received a negative coronavirus test result, or have recovered from COVID-19 to travel across all 27 member states.

Even though the United States hasn’t announced a plan for vaccine passports, several companies within the United States are developing digital vaccine certificates for smartphone apps.

While there are many vague specifications around what vaccine passports may look like in practice, travel medicine professionals believe these passports may play a crucial role in international travel moving forward.

The notion that one needs a vaccine before one can enter certain countries is not new as Proof of immunization for yellow fever is already needed to travel to countries like Ghana and Brazil.

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