Black Seed Oil

Use Black Seed Oil for Corona Patients | Cure of Corona Virus with the use of Black Seed Oil

The Black Seed Oil is seeming to be the only a ray of hope for corona patients to cure this deadly virus in this stressful time of the pandemic.

Use Black Seed Oil for Corona Patients

Many researchers in the UK are using black seed extracts to try to prepare medicine that can be used to help cure the corona Virus. The products from Black Seed Oil have been used as medicine for a long time in the fight to microbes. The scientists used black seed oil to study the replication process on a genetic level to find out the dosage of Black Seed Oil that can be helpful during the corona virus infection.

Cure of Corona Virus with the use of Black Seed Oil

The results of the research suggested that the treatment with black seed oil extracts before the infection decreased the replication of corona making it less labile. The exact mechanism by which black herbal works is still being worked upon. The exact component of Black Seed Oil that help slow the replication process and lead to the phenotypes are also being discovered. There is still a lot to discover about black seed oil and Use black seed oil for Corona Patients and Cure of Corona Virus with the use of Black Seed Oil.


How Black Seed Oil Works


The slow rate of replication after the use of Black Seed Oil is a big hope for future research; if we can find out the exact component that helps decrease the rate of replication that means we can surely come up with a precise drug that can be used to treat not only corona virus but the number of viruses as well that have shown that same behavior with black seed oil.

Strengthens The Immune System

The Black Seed Oil helps by increasing the immunity due to the presence of an active component Thymoquinone which helps fight almost all the diseases that are linked to the intrusion of microbial infection in the body. It helps not only with viral intrusion but is an effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It also has inflammatory properties leading its use for asthma patients to reduce the symptoms.

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