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Filter pipette tips are essential laboratory equipment that helps in the accurate and precise transfer of liquids and samples. These tips have special flters that help to prevent contamination, reduce aerosols and ensure that liquids are transferred without compromising their quality. The flters also prevent cross- contamination between samples, which is crucial in research and testing.

The use of flter pipette tips is crucial in laboratory work, as they help to ensure the accuracy and precision of liquid transfer while reducing the risk of contamination. Laboratories should invest in high-quality flter pipette tips to ensure their tests and experiments are reliable, yielding the desired results.


Disposable filter tips wholesale

Elevate Your Lab Work with Custom Filter Tips from Yikang Medical - Your Trusted Filter Tips Supplier At Yikang Medical, we're your one -stop solution for premium disposable flter tips, designed to meet your unique laboratory requirements. Our extensive flter tips range includes dual fhlter tips, long flter tips, micro flter tips, and wide flter tips.


What Is the Purpose of Using Filter Tips?

disposable filter tips are an essential tool in the laboratory for precise and accurate liquid handling. The purpose of using these tips is to prevent sample contamination and ensure the accuracy of

experimental results.


Filter pipette tips are designed with a hydrophobic membrane that covers the pores of the tip. This membrane allows the liquid to pass through while trapping any particulates or bacteria that may be present in the sample. This prevents the potential Cross contamination of samples, which is crucial, especially when working with delicate or expensive samples.


Filter pipette tips are commonly used in molecular biology, microbiology. cell culture, and other fields where the purity and accuracy of samples are critical. They are particularly useful when handling samples that contain small particles, bacteria, or viruses.


In summary, the purpose of using filter pipette tips is to minimize contamination and ensure the accuracy of experimental results. By using flter pipette tips, researchers can conduct experiments with confidence, ensuring that their results are reliable and reproducible.


When Should I Use Filter Tips?


Filter pipette tips are designed to prevent aerosol contamination and cross-contamination during pipetting. They have a porous filter barrier that traps any aerosols or liquids that may be present in the sample.


You should use filter pipette tips when you are working with sensitive samples that could be affected by aerosols or contamination. This includes samples for PCR, nucleic acid sequencing, and cell culture. Filter tips can also be useful when dispensing volatile organic compounds or hazardous chemicals.


Additionally, filter pipette tips are often used when working with a variety of viscous liquids, such as oils, detergents, and DNA solutions. They can help prevent blockages and reduce the risk of sample loss or contamination.


In summary, flter pipette tips are a valuable tool in preventing contamination and maintaining

accurate results in a variety of applications. Consider using flter tips whenever you are working with sensitive or viscous samples, or when handling hazardous materials.


Why choose Y ikang Medical as your pipette flter tips supplier?

Wide Product Range

Yikang Medical offers an extensive selection of flter pipette tips to cater to diverse laboratory needs. From standard disposable fIter tips to specialized varieties like dual flter, long flter, and micro flter tips, our product range ensures that you'll find the right ft for your applications.

Competitive Pricing

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. Yikang Medical provides competitive pricing for our bulk flter tips, making high-quality laboratory accessories accessible without straining your budget.

Custom Service

Your lab's unique requirements are our priority. We offer custom services that allow you to tailor your custom flter tips to specific dimensions or materials, ensuring a seamless ft with your equipment and procedures.

Quality Control

Yikang Medical's commitment to quality is unwavering. Our products undergo rigorous quality control measures to meet and exceed industry standards, guaranteeing precise and reliable pipetting results.

Fast Delivery

Time is of the essence in laboratory settings. We take pride in our efficient and prompt delivery services, ensuring that you receive your fIter pipette tips when you need them, no matter the order size.

Rich Experience

With years of experience in the medical and laboratory supply industry, Yikang Medical has gained valuable insights and expertise. Our knowledge and rich experience enable us to provide unparalleled support and advice to our customers.


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