Laboratory Consumables

Laboratory Consumables

Lab consumables are widely used in laboratory research, as a professional lab consumables suppliers, Yikang Medical is doing its best to supply good quality and cost-effective products to all laboratory researchers.


Yikang Medical has 7 years manufacturing experience in laboratory consumables and chemical supplies. we have various products, such as pipette tips, well plates, PCR plates & tubes, cryogenic vials, serological pipettes, centrifuge tubes etc.


Laboratory Consumables List

Robotic Tips

Yikang Med is the leading manufacturer and supplier for Robotic tips in China. We offers a full range of robotic tips compatible with main-stream automated liquid handling workstation, including Tecan, Hamilton, Beckman, Agilent, Zymark, and Xantus.


Rainin LTS Tips

Yikang Med has rich experience in manufacturing pipette tips. Our tips for Rainin LTS are manufactured in class 100, 000 clean workshop and all are strictly inspected before shipment. There are 4 different volumes for Rainin LTS tips, 20ul, 200ul, 300ul and 1000ul.


Universal Tips

Yikang Med has very mature process for universal pipette tips. Yikang universal tips can compatible with main stream pipettors, such as Eppendorf/Gilson/Thermo pipettors, with flter or non-filter, low-retention or not for different needs of clients.


Filter Tips Wholesale

Yikang Med makes high quality fIter tips in wide range of styles, such as universal flter tips, filter tips for Rainin LTS, Tecan, Hamilton, Agilent, Xantus and Beckman.


Low Retention Tips

Yikang Med supplies low retention version for all of our tips categories, such as Low retention universal tips, low retention tips for Tecan, Hamilton, Agilent etc.


Conductive Tips

Yikang conductive tips are made of conductive polypropylene to allow capacitive liquid level detection; there are conductive tips for Tecan, Hamilton and Beckman.


Wide Bore Tips

Yikang wide bore tips are made of medical grade polypropylene, the wider orifice can work with high-viscosity liquids and easier for liquids to flow in and out. There are three types of wide bore tips. For Tecan, Hamilton and Agilent.


Deep Well Plates & Related Consumables

Yikang Med supplies deep well plates in different styles like 24 well plates, 48 well and 96 well with different volumes. There are also different tip combs working together with well plates for nucleic acid extraction.


Plate Sealing Mats & Films

Silicone mats and flms are important in sample preparation, reaction, and storage. Yikang Med offers different types of sealing mats and flms for well plates and PCR plates.


PCR Plates & Tubes

Yikang PCR plates and tubes are made of medical grade polypropylene and come in different volumes and different styles, such as 384 well and 96 well, different skirted style for your choices.


Centrifuge Tubes

Yikang Med offers 5 different volumes of centrifuge tubes, 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml, 15ml and 50ml.


Robotic Tips Manufacturing

All products ofYikang Med are manufactured applying to CE and IsO 13485:2016. Our products are also FDA registered. We always take the quality as the first priority for our products. To ensure the high-quality, we have implemented strict in-process and outgoing quality control system from the beginning to end.


One production line for automation tips

Advanced mold processing machines in our mold workshop

Integrated automatic manufacturing process for Tecan automation tip

IPQC step for automation tips

OQC process

Tecan testing workstation in QC lab


Chemistry lab consumables Features

Quality and Purity

Critical consumables in laboratory must be manufactured to high-quality standards to minimize contamination and ensure accurate results.


Material Compatibility

Consumables in laboratory should be made from materials that are compatible with the specific chemicals, reagents, and samples being used in the experiment.



Durability is essential. consumables for laboratory should be able to withstand repeated use and cleaning processes without degradation.



medical consumables and disposables should be available in various sizes and quantities to accommodate different experimental scales and budgets.


There are many medical consumables manufacturers, but we are one of the best choices for you.

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