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Low retention pipette tips are an important tool for efficient and accurate pipetting. Made with high- quality materials, these tips provide a hydrophobic surface that reduces liquid retention and eliminates the risk of sample carryover. With their precision engineering, ultra low retention pipette tips offer optimal performance for any laboratory application, from complex research to routine sample preparation. By enabling consistent results and reducing waste, these tips save time and resources, while improving the accuracy and reliability of experimental data. With their superior quality and performance, low retention pipette tips are an indispensable tool for any modern laboratory.


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Can I ow Retention Tips Be Used with AllTypes of Liquids?

Absolutely! low retention filter tips can be used with all types of liquids. These tips were designed to minimize any residual liquid left behind in the tip after dispensing, which can be particularly important when working with expensive or precious samples. With low retention tips, you can be sure that you're dispensing exactly the amount of liquid you want, without any wasted or lost volume. Whether you're working with aqueous solutions, organic compounds, or even viscous samples, low retention tips are a reliable choice for accurate and precise liquid handling. So, no matter what your lab work entails, low retention filter pipette tips can help you achieve your research goals with confidence.


What are low retention pipette tips?


Low retention pipette tips are specially designed pipette tips that minimize liquid retention on the surface of the tip, allowing the maximum transfer of liquid to the target vessel. These tips play an important role in accurate and precise liquid handling in laboratories.


china low retention pipette tips are made from materials that have low surface tension and hydrophobic properties, such as polypropylene, which prevents the liquid from adhering to the tip surface, minimizing loss of sample volume.


The benefts of using low retention pipette tips are significant, including higher accuracy and precision, reduced waste of expensive reagents and samples, and improved reproducibility. The low retention properties of these tips enable faster and more efcient pipetting, saving time and improving overall lab productivity.


In summary, low retention pipette tips are an indispensable tool in laboratory work, helping researchers and scientists to achieve the best possible results and ensure high-quality experimental data.


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