Non-filtered Pipette Tips for Tecan


Yikang Med non filtered pipette tips for Tecan are designed for Tecan robotic workstation in the research and development of Genomics, proteomics, cytomics, immunoassay, metabolomics, biopharmaceuticals and other commonly used high throughput liquid transfer needs. A well designed tip will help ensure accurate and precise results in lab research.


Non-tecan pipette tips Information

Product Description

Non filter tips are also normally used for Pharmaceutical research and development, and also chemical feld. Yikang Med tips for Tecan are using medical grade polypropylene which can help you with efcient pipetting work.


Features & Benefts

●Manufactured by Suitomo/DEMAG high-speed electric injection mold machine with highly precise mold in class 100000 clean workshop.

●Unique polishing technology ensures smooth inner surface of the tip for precise pipetting with low residual.

●Fully automated manufacturing processes integrated with raw material-feeding, injection-molding, and rack-loading for less contamination and high productivity.

●Stringent in-process QA and OQC to ensure the high quality of all tips.

●In-house functional test for complete compatibility with Tecan Robotic liquid handling workstation with LiHa arm or MCA.


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