Robotic Tips for Tecan


Yikang Tecan Automation Tips are designed for liquid handling by Tecan workstation.To suit for different Tecan workstation, Yikang offers different styles of tecan disposable tips. With Yikang's comprehensive selection of tip styles for Tecan workstations, you can confidently tackle an array of tasks, from routine liquid transfers to complex and sensitive assays. This adaptability empowers laboratories to optimize their workflow efficiency and achieve consistent, reliable results, regardless of the specific Tecan workstation model in use.


Non-filtered Pipette Tips for Tecan

50ul, 200ul, tecan tips 1000ul, MCA 50ul, MCA 200ul for choice, Sterile or non-sterile are both available


Filter Tips for Tecan

Tecan-style tip with flter, 50ul, 200ul, tecan 1000ul tips, MCA 50ul, MCA 200ul for choice, Sterile or non-sterile are both available


Conductive tecan mca tips

50ul, 200ul, 1000ul for choice, Sterile or non-sterile are both available


Wide Bore tecan liha tips

1000ul wide bore tips, clear or black conductive are both available


Disposable Tips for Tecan Gallery

What Are Tecan Automation Tips Instruments?

Tecan Automation Tips instruments refer to specialized automation tips that are designed to work seamlessly with Tecan workstations, which are widely used in laboratories for various liquid handling tasks. These tecan disposable tips play a crucial role in automating and enhancing the precision of liquid handling processes within a laboratory setting.

Yikang Med offers 20ul, 50ul, 200ul, 1000ul and 50ul MCA, 200ul MCA tips for Tecan Robotic workstations.


Tecan Type Disposable Tips FAQs .

What Tecan instruments are compatible with these robotic tips?

Compatible: With Tecan° Genensis Freedom° and Freedom EVO.


How are these tecan tips designed?

These Robotic tips are designed with a specific shape that matches the tip cone of Tecan workstations, preventing any leakage or cross-contamination. The size of the robotic tip is critical in the liquid handling process. The tip must be precisely calibrated to dispense the exact volume of liquid required.


What is the ideal material for tecan automation tips?

The ideal material for tecan automation tips is virgin polypropylene, which has a low surface tension, ensuring that very itte droplets or residual liquid is left behind after dispensing.


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