Piano Lesson Online - For Starters For Free

Hi everyone!
I'd like to offer you piano lessons online! 
You just need an instrument, and you can study with me while being at home. If you don't have an instrument but you'd love to learn music, we can still do it!
I'm a woman in my early thirties and I come from Europe. I'm a classical musician, a certified teacher, and an educator. As a pianist, I performed in many European countries, for example, Denmark, Poland, and Italy.
As a professional pianist, I'm educated in music theory and piano playing.
The things you will learn and practice depends on you and your wishes.
We can play all kinds of music that you like.   
Here is an example of what we may do:
If you are a beginner, I will help you to understand the piano and its keyboard. We'll learn how to move the fingers on the keyboard, and playing with both hands. We'll learn the notes, sounds, rhythm, chords, and basic theory that will let you read music and write your music.
In case, you don't have a piano, we'll focus on developing your musical skills, music theory, and preparing for playing the piano eventually if you want.
If you are more advanced or a music school student, I will help you with practicing, music interpretation, and piano technique.
I lived in different countries and I'm used to teaching foreign students as well as teaching online, as I've been trying to be in touch with my students.
I've worked with unschoolers, school students of all ages, and adults.
The first class is FREE (30 min).
We'll have an opportunity to talk about your needs, deal with the technical things, and finally learn something :)
A trial lesson (30 min) - FREE

30 min lesson - $30

45 min lesson - $40

Block of 5 lessons:

30 min - $125 ($25 per lesson)

45 min - $175 ($35 per lesson)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 

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