Donate Food For Charity With Your Trusted Ngo Partner

Area/Neighbourhood: Usa

 Does the poverty around the world melts your heart and brings tears to your eyes especially on the sight of the helpless people dying due to malnutrition?

If so then Look Charity can help you donate food for charity. All that you have to do is donate the surplus food to us that you would otherwise throw in dustbins. Looks charity, in turn, takes the responsibility of delivering it in the hands of the needy.

What makes Look Charity an ideal choice for donating food?

· Look Charity checks the quality of the food donated before delivering it to the needy such as expiry dates, the condition of food donated etc.

·Regularly conducts drives to the areas of needy for donating food.

·Highly trusted and maintains the hygiene of food collected and ensures that only quality food is delivered to the poor’s.

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