How We Protect You And Your Rights After an 18-wheeler and T

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The most important stage in any trucking accident case is the beginning, where the initial investigation is done. This is when we look at the evidence to determine how your accident happened and who is responsible. This includes gathering information from the accident and the truck involved, including reviewing the truck driver’s log books and the trucking company’s internal records, as well as electronic data from the truck’s on-board recorders, which are becoming standard in the industry.

Truck collisions can be complicated as they often involve issues such as causation, multiple parties, and insurance disputes. And remember, trucking carriers and insurance companies will do everything in their power to try to keep from being held responsible.

Our Houston truck accident lawyers aggressively prosecute every trucking case we handle by working the case as if it is going to trial. Not only does this give us the edge in the courtroom, it also provides us with strong bargaining position at the negotiating table where we fight for full compensation on behalf of our clients. Our clients expect nothing less, and neither do we.

Remember, your right to recover compensation for your injuries may be lost forever if you wait too long to act. That’s why if you have suffered a serious injury as the result of a collision with a truck or if you have questions about truck accident law, contact us today to speak with a personal injury attorney in Houston.



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