Adnan Samia

Adnan N Samia Adnan and Samia are a muslim married couple who travel across the world. Because Adnan works for International Relations, he is able to make these trips to exotic places and take his wife along for the ride. Together, both of them travel over 400,000 miles in a given year!At first, they posted their pictures and videos to share with close family and friends, from there people started to ask questions about how they can enjoy such a lifestyle. They are known as Adventurous Muslim Couple, New Yorker, Frequent Flyer, Foodie, working in International Relations field & working as a Community Leader – They started to receive random request on our personal social media accounts, to ensure privacy and still share the Adventures - led to the creation of, YouTube Channel (Don’t Forget to Subscribe!), Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, Instagram Account and Snapchat.

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