Best IOP Drug Rehabs Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Area/Neighbourhood: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Source addiction treatment center is one of the best IOP drug rehabs. It's one of the few Florida rehab centers that are Joint commission accredited. Their treatment centers for drug addiction are a full service substance abuse care rehabilitation facility. They have also partnered with opiate and alcohol detox centers so they can carefully manage your entire treatment plan. Here are the core addiction treatment center services;

  • alcohol detox centers
  • opiate detoxification
  • inpatient residential 24/7 care
  • IOP drug rehabs or intensive outpatient care
  • sober homes Fort Lauderdale

While these are just some of the core services they do have some specialities. One of these is brain mapping with helps detect dual diagnosis. Drug and alcohol addiction usually have under lying issues. Many drug rehab centers do not effectively treat these causing relapse. The Source inpatient drug rehabs Fort Lauderdale also has a rare stabilization program. This allows some of the clients to temporarily step into a higher level of care. these are just some of the reasons we are one of the best IOP drug rehabs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Charles Davis
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 Charles Davis

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