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Memory Care Shop – The leading provider of Alzheimers and Dementia care products for Facilities. 

A team of forward thinkers with a vision for creating nostalgic environments for healthcare facilities began this project.

Our goal was to turn those cold white walls that sometimes exemplify the traditional hospital and nursing home setting, into an environment that triggers memories and positive experiences. Today, most of us are on Facebook and Instragram. We often look back at old photos and other memories shared on Facebook. But if you are a senior in a healthcare facility, that’s not an easy thing to do  Let’s face it, technology is complicated and can be daunting for seniors. We realized that & we wanted to create products that would Awaken A Memory.

Nostalgia is good for you. Happy memories make people more optimistic and less anxious about the future. University of Southampton researchers found that “looking back in time can help maintain feelings of self-worth and contribute to a brighter outlook.”  By promoting optimism, nostalgia could help individuals cope with psychological adversity. The study found that remembering times gone by can raise self esteem and heighten optimism.

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