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Adobe CQ5 Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided


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AEM training has  2 Modules

1.     Basic Developer Courses Content   
2.     Advance Developer Courses Content   

Basic Developer Course Outline

1.    Overview of the OSGI Framework, JCR/OAK, REST, and Apache Sling Technologies

2.    Overview of the Product and Platform architectures

3.    Creating and Managing Templates and associated page-rendering Components

4.    Installing and utilizing CRXDE and CRXDE Lite

5.    Creating, Adding, and Managing Components

6.    Taking input from Authors using Component and Design Dialogs

7.    Defining and assigning a Design to a web site 8. Creating a custom Widget and CQ package

8.    Overview of Workflow definition

9.    Creating custom workflow process steps

10. OSGi bundles and consuming classed defined in them

Advance Developer Course Outline

1.    OSGi components, services, annotations

2.    Development models: Maven, vlt

3.    Sling, Resource-Oriented architectures, ResourceResolvers

4.    Sling Eventing

5.    Sling Scheduling

6.    JCR and Jackrabbit

7.    JCR Search

8.    JCR Observations

9.    JCR Versioning

10. JCR Import/Export

11. Users, Groups, Permissions

12. Unit Testing

13. Deployment & Packaging

14. Dispatcher and Caching

15. Reverse Replication

16. CQ-based Search


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